About this Blog & Comments Policy

I maintain this blog with four goals in mind…

First, to provide a convenient place to publicize my writings, mainly my musings on religious, political and social justice issues – as well as my sermons.

Second, I believe strongly that the voices of those who consider themselves moderates are often drowned-out in the hype and extremism of modern media.  I hope that this blog, and those who comment in my postings (or guest contributors) will find this a safe forum where we can engage in respectful and beneficial dialog with those of differing opinions.  It is only through respectful dialog that a common understanding, or at least a mutual respect for others’ views (and an appreciation of why we respectfully disagree), can be developed, and thereby a basis for action can be developed that has broad support among the many communities that make up our society.  There is one caveat to this: those whom I believe to be crassly pursuing notoriety, advantage, or power without regard or concern for the impact of what they have to say will not be dealt with gently!

Third, I am passionate about the importance of faith – not necessarily a particular faith (although I am a Progressive Christian in the Reformed Protestant tradition), but the importance and centrality of faith in the lives of each of us and the communities in which we live and participate.  I hope that this blog will inspire you to find that same passion within yourself, that it helps you reflect on what your faith means to you and how to express it, as well as perhaps inspiring you to find and participate in a faith community that embodies the principles and practices that are of importance to you.

Finally, I view this blog as a learning tool – helping me (and, I hope, you) to learn how to deepen, better express, and better defend what we believe, as well as helping us learn how to make room for those who believe differently.

Given the above principles, you should also be aware of my policy regarding guest posts and comments, which is fairly simple: In general, comments or posts will be approved for posting unless they are off-topic, thoughtless, or seek to abuse (rather than engage-with) those with differing opinions.  Also, anonymous comments (in general) will not be allowed unless it is clear that the commenter’s anonymity is necessary for reasons of personal safety.  If not approved for posting, and depending on what you say and how you say it, I may or may not respond to you privately to explain why I did not approve your comment(s).

– Allen

The views and opinions expressed here on “The Here and The Hereafter” are purely my own, and do not necessarily represent the views of any organization with which I am associated, or which I represent.

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