What Does Melania Trump’s Plagarism Say About Us?

160719021527-melania-trump-michelle-obama-plagiarized-manu-raju-sot-00003422-large-169I’ve just finished reading the controversial speech Melania Trump gave last night at the GOP Convention in Cleveland.

Was it a great speech?

No – but it seems to be a strong and reasonably well-crafted dose of the heartfelt, personal, fairly standard and unsurprising “Potential First Lady” fare you’d expect in this context.

What troubles me is the vehemence of the attacks against Melania for what appears to be plagiarism in two lines of her speech.

Yes, it may well be true that this is what happened. And, frankly, a good speech writing staff (which I’m sure is available to Trump and his family, if they want it) would have bent over backwards to avoid intentionally plagiarizing anyone, and then vetted the speech to ensure against unintentional plagiarism as well.

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This is a troubling Tea Party meme, one that claims you’re lucky to get the “minimum” you already have because you ARE “minimum” – in terms of skills, education, motivation and contribution to the workplace.  So (in effect) – once you are defined as “minimum” – shut up and don’t complain, and be happy with what little you’re already getting!

But in whose estimation is someone being labelled here as “minimum”?  Answer: those who are making the rules – i.e., not those who are being paid a minimum wage!  Is that valid?

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